Shopping Spree | Beautiful Things

I went on a shopping spree yesterday.

This shopping spree was well deserved. I thought so anyway.

Every girl should have beautiful things like this to drink tea or coffee from.

Or like this.

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a bowl of yogurt and granola in this pretty bowl?

Or fill it with Easter bon bons?

And these plates would look lovely adorned with a nice big slice of cake or pie.

Aren’t these just perfect for spring? Love them. They can all be found at Anthropologie. But beware, it will be very hard to choose. It took extreme willpower to walk out with just these 5 items. I already want to go back!

Oh, and look at this gorgeous wooden cutting board!

It’s from Bed Bath & Beyond. It puts my old plastic cutting boards to shame.

I think you should go and buy yourself some beautiful things. ASAP. Happy Tuesday!

(Please note that I am sharing these beautiful purchases with you because they are just that. Beautiful. Anthropologie and BB&B have no clue who I am.)


  1. They have no clue who you are YET!

  2. Even before I read it, I could tell it was Anthropologie. Love that place! Congrats on showing so much restraint!

  3. That Anthropologie gets me every time!

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