Thinkin’ Bout You | The Promise


I’m worried that you might think I forgot about you.

But, don’t worry.

I didn’t.

Some things are keeping me very busy. Some…people too.

Doesn’t the universe know that I’ve got recipes to share? Delicious treats to make? Photos to take?


To be honest, I had something all lined up to share with you, something that I’ve been wanting to share since I started this blog. Last time I made the recipe, I was hosting a Christmas party and got too caught up in being a hostess to take photos of the finished product. So I made it again this past weekend for a potluck. I saved a wee bit so that I could take a nice photo the next day (as I was rushed), and when I went to grab it out of the fridge the next day for my little photo shoot, it was gone. Honey had eaten it. Argh. But at least it’s proof that it’s delicious. 🙂

Alas, I will have to share that recipe with you another time. But I’ve got a humdinger for you tomorrow. I’ll give you two hints. 1. I promised it to you days and days ago.

Hint #2.

Stay tuned!

Happy almost Friday!

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