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I like blogs. Particularly food blogs.

I read lots of them. I peruse photographs of delicious food, read stories that go alongside these fabulous recipes, laugh at the wit of my fellow food bloggers. We communicate with each other. We comment on each other’s recipes and stories. There’s a sense of community here. I connect with people through our shared love of food. These are people that live in other countries, on other continents. People that I never would have the opportunity to connect with, except for here, in the foodie world. I love that.

It’s amazing what you can learn about someone through reading their blog. Favorite ingredients, favorite TV shows, pet peeves, exciting trips, family, friends, love, heartache. Because it’s not just about food. It’s about life, and looking at the world through the lens of someone else. Their view of the world via taste and smell. What goes on in life can affect everything. Celebrations call for cake, heartache can cause a loss (or gain) in appetite, busy days demand quick and easy meals.

I had never come across Jennie’s blog before, but happened to land there by coincidence a few days ago. And I learned that Jennie had lost her husband, Mikey suddenly to a heart attack just days before. I learned that Mikey loved peanut butter pie. Jennie asked us all to make a peanut butter pie to honor Mikey. And to cherish the ones we love. To stop putting off things we could do today until tomorrow. Because life is short, and everything you love can be gone, in an instant.

Coincidentally, baking a peanut butter pie was already on my agenda. I had come across a recipe a few days before – and I knew it would be perfect for my mom’s birthday (a peanut butter fanatic). It was delicious, rich, totally amazing. And clearly enjoyed, as evidenced by the fork marks in the leftover pie. I may or may not have sat on the kitchen floor yesterday afternoon, eating forkfuls directly out of the pie plate. Please don’t judge me.

Make yourself some peanut butter pie. Share it with someone you care about. Heck, make it for yourself if you’re so inclined. You deserve it. Today. Hug your loved ones a little tighter. Tell people how you feel, every day. And be grateful for what you have.


  1. You are right! We can connect to people whom we don’t even know…thanks to the blogging world!
    Loved your blog!!

  2. That really does look ridiculously good. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Well put darling…. and eating dessert out of its serving container be that an ice cream bucket, pie plate, or mixing bowl should never be judged!!

  4. Oh my, that looks heavenly! Peanut butter pie is my husband’s favorite!

  5. I’m excited I found your blog! Your photos are outstanding. I completely relate to love of the blogging community, one of my best friends and I started Skinnyfat Girls together, and not only does it connect us to so many wonderful blogs that take up so much of our free time ;), it helps us stay connected to each other since we don’t get to see each other as much as we’d like. Thanks for the inspiration you’re speading to the rest of us!

  6. *spreading, not speading. Though I may have invented a new cooking term. lol

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