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Hello! I’m back! For reals!

I am all moved in to my new place. And by “all moved in” I mean that all of my stuff is physically inside of the house. Turns out I have a lot of stuff. There is little organization going on in this space at present, except for the living room and…the kitchen. Naturally, the kitchen was my top priority.

And today, for the first time in what feels like forever, I spent the afternoon in my new kitchen, experimenting. Unfortunately, two of my recipes failed miserably. Le sigh. Ok, maybe just one of them was an epic fail. The other – a cookie recipe – is still edible, but certainly not shareworthy. And the third was a masterpiece, but I’ve already shared it before. Definitely the best version yet.

So, while I am unable to deliver a recipe today, I didn’t show up empty-handed. I am giving you a daily dose of cuteness with the above photo. How sweet is my little decorating helper?! And…it’s also time to announce the winner of the Cooks Illustrated giveaway!

Randomly drawn just minutes ago, the winner is…

Kim Bee – “Yeah I do! Love this magazine. Good luck with the move. And the dating!! Stay away from the microwave! Have a great weekend!”

Congratulations Kim! Please send your name and complete mailing address to onceuponarecipe[dot]amanda[at]gmail[dot]com and your subscription will be ordered immediately!

Thank you to all of you lovelies for sticking by me during all of this moving commotion. I hope you’re all getting into the spirit of the season! Stay tuned for some new treats this week!  <3


  1. I love the look on the dog’s face.

  2. Glad the move went well, friend! I look forward to more delicious posts this week!

  3. Congrats on your move! And love that sweet picture of your pup.

  4. Congrats on a successful move. You must be excited to have new start. We moved in here 4 years ago and it was so much fun making it our own space. Hope the dating is going well, and that you are avoiding the microwave, lol. Got your email and thank you so much. I am super excited about winning. I was just flipping through a copy at the bookstore. Such a great magazine. And before I go I had to laugh at the pic, puppy looks so cute all decked out in lights. My sis once put miniature ones on her lizard for a Christmas card. Funniest Christmas card I ever got. A veiled chameleon in a mini Santa hat with lights all over him. Apparently the Lunatic gene runs deep in our family!

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