Pour Me a Cold One | Red Lotus Martini












Friends, I have some wise words to share.

Listen closely.

Sometimes the only solution is a stiff drink.












Plain and simple.

So next time you have no idea what the heck to do, pour yourself a stiff one, sit back, and chill out. I’m quite certain that some of the best decisions have been made after contemplation over a good, strong drink. But maybe that’s just me. 😉

Apparently Albert Einstein hated liquor, but we all can’t be brainiacs in the absence of alcohol now can we?












But be warned. These martinis have the power to sneak up on you. One too many of these and you might find those great decisions turning out a little less than optimal. And I wouldn’t want you to do anything you’ll regret.

So…enjoy responsibly friends.












Red Lotus Martini (makes 3 martinis)

2 oz. Red Rum*

2 oz. vodka

Pineapple juice

Cranberry juice

In a martini shaker filled 1/3 full with ice, add in the red rum and vodka. Fill the remainder of the martini shaker with equal parts pineapple juice and cranberry juice (about 6 ounces of each). Shake and pour into martini glasses. Garnish with a piece of fresh pineapple (if you wish). Drink up!

*Red Rum can be found in most liquor stores in my area. If you can’t get your hands on it, another tropical rum (ie. coconut) would work just fine.

When Sickness Strikes | Hot Honey Lemon and Ginger

You know how I was talking about all that stress in my last post? Well, it hit me. Hit me hard indeed. Whatever my body was fighting on Friday…let’s just say my body lost the battle. I am now in the throes of a cold/flu that is residing in my chest and sinuses. Bleh. When a cold/flu strikes around here, the doctor prescribes a hot honey lemon and ginger. A honey what, you ask? Let me walk you through it…

You start with some lemon, ginger, and honey.

Slice your lemon in half, and then slice each half into two pieces. Throw them into a nice big mug. Take a finger of fresh ginger, and slice it up into several pieces. Add it into the mug.

Still with me? Now fill your mug with boiling hot water.

Add some honey. I usually find that a tablespoon does it for me, but add more or less depending on your desired level of sweetness.

Stir everything up, and take a couple minutes to mash the lemon and ginger with a spoon to encourage them to release their juices and flavors. And there you have a hot honey lemon and ginger. Enjoy one of these when you’re feeling under the weather. Lemon and ginger have all kinds of healing properties, especially when it comes to colds and flus. If you need some extra help, add in a splash of cognac or brandy and you’ll be feeling the positive effects in no time.

This beverage with healing powers was introduced to me by Honey’s (my honey) family. We always keep a stock of lemon and ginger in case the need for a hot honey lemon and ginger strikes. If you have trouble using up fresh ginger before it goes bad, pop it into the freezer, and voila, problem solved.

I’m off to lie on the couch and watch bad daytime TV. And hopefully kick this sickness to the curb.

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