With Love | Merry Christmas

With Love | Once Upon a Recipe

Dear friends,

It is hard to believe that another year has gone by, and here we are again, at Christmas. As I get older, the years seem to pass by at breakneck speed. But then, when I pause to think about the past 365 days, I am always amazed at all that was lived and accomplished.

This year (and every year), I am so very thankful for the wonderful people and places in my life. And this blog is one of those places. Thank you so much for reading and for accepting the sometimes crazy ramblings of my brain. I like to think that the food and recipes are good consolation. 😉

For the next couple of days, I will be spending time with my nearest and dearest, celebrating the wonder that is Christmas. I hope you all have the opportunity to do the same. Wishing you all, my dear friends, a very Merry Christmas.



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